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SmartCap predicts driver fatigue by measuring an operators brainwaves to detect when they are at risk of a microsleep.


SmartCap allows operators to proactively manage driver fatigue by providing alerts as the risk of a micro sleep is identified.Display Level 3


With over 17,000,000 kilometres travelled across 4 continents SmartCap is a genuine life saving technology.



Saving lives is our priority

Driver fatigue is a major issue across many industries. At SmartCap we want every person to go home safely each and every day. By predicting when an operator is at risk of a microsleep and alerting them prior to a potentially fatal event, SmartCap provides peace of mind.

SmartCap measures an operator’s brain activity and calculates their level of alertness. SmartCap is a predictive solution that utilises electroencephalography or EEG combined with patented technologies and specialised fatigue algorithms. SmartCap allows each operator to proactively manage their own fatigue by providing alerts in real time. SmartCap is used all over the world as part of a comprehensive fatigue risk management plan.


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SmartCap is used across multiple industries & multiple countries

SmartCap is the truly versatile fatigue management tool allowing for use in many applications. Whether you are driving on your family holiday or a flying jumbo jet SmartCap can keep you safe. SmartCap is used in cars, trucks, loaders, dozers, ships and trains. Anywhere there is the potential to cause damage and harm SmartCap can help.



Real Time Operator Alerts

Microsleeps are deadly and can strike at any time. This is why SmartCap alerts your operators in real time when they are at risk, not when they fall asleep. SmartCap fatigue monitoring is a predictive tool that allows for early intervention and proactive management of fatigue.

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Centralised Monitoring

The driver fatigue levels of your entire workforce can be monitored in real time in the one place. By utilising Wi-Fi or data networks SmartCap data is live and in a central location so you can truly keep your finger on the pulse and your workforce safe.



Cloud Storage

SmartCap can take care of your security, storage and back up hassles. SmartCap Cloud offers secure cloud storage with security, redundancy and accessibility built in. All data can be accessed from one location and available on a range of devices.


SmartCap works closely with a number of different partners to help streamline your operation. Integration with on-board IVMS and fleet management systems allows you to unlock limitless potential from your SmartCap system. SmartCap data can also be used for accident investigation and to strengthen your fatigue management plan.
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